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Greece's Star Channel goes on-air with OmniBus

At the Star Channel, the OmniBus Colossus system integrates with a Provys business management system to allow operators to make changes directly in the traffic system and automatically merges them into the live schedule.

Athens-based commercial broadcaster Star Channel has gone to air with Greece’s first fully automated, end-to-end transmission environment, based on OmniBus Systems’ Colossus playout.

Star Channel chose Colossus — OmniBus’ multichannel, multi-delivery automation and control system — to provide a more cost-effective transmission operation with built-in scalability for future expansion and high levels of integration.

Colossus integrates with the Provys business management system to enable operators to make changes directly in the traffic system that Colossus detects and automatically merges into the live schedule. Similarly, the ingest process is now a more streamlined and efficient process with the bandwidth to handle extra content with no further investment in personnel.

Colossus controls the Leitch Opus mixer, allowing operators to mix between live, tape, and server sources. With the aid of locally produced middleware, Colossus also controls the Inscriber character generator for the creation of complex sequences of logos, stills, captions and graphics. Additionally, using the Colossus Adaptor application and more middleware, Star can dynamically track the amount of commercial content within its schedules.

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