Greece’s ERT preserves content on new server

Greek public broadcaster ERT is preserving tens of thousands of hours of historical television content, including news, on an Omneon Spectrum media server system.

Relying on a Dalet media asset management system for ingest, playout and online management storage, the new server system allows ERT to digitize and manage all of its historically significant video content, which is currently stored in a variety of formats, including legacy analog.

ERT owns a film archive from the first decade of public television. It includes more than 40,000 hours of material on 35mm film and 210,000 hours on 16mm film. The content includes Greek and international news bulletins and documentaries. The new archive system will incorporate material preserved on 1in and 2in open-reel tape, U-matic videocassettes, 16mm and 35mm film, Betacam SP and DVCPRO.

When material is recorded onto the Spectrum media server, ERT staff uses the DaletPlus interface to view proxies of the content and log and track clips without modifying the original media.

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