Gray, Backchannelmedia, Launch 'Clickable' TV App

Atlanta-based Gray Television has inked a deal with Backchannelmedia to deploy the Backchannelmedia Clickable TV solution on all of Gray’s 36 stations.

The agreement calls for the interactive technology to be integrated on a per-station basis until it reaches full deployment in all of Gray’s stations. Gray’s broadcast stations reach about 7 million homes in the U.S. The deployment expands Backchannelmedia’s roster to 68 television stations, reaching roughly 16.7 percent of U.S. television households.

Viewers who watch a channel with the Backchannelmedia technology interact via small icons located at the bottom of their TV screen. The icons indicate a “clickable moment,” or a chance for viewers to click one button on their remote control and bookmark that content to the viewer’s private Web portal or email address. Those using Clickable TV can schedule automatic email updates of TV bookmarks to any e-mail account or mobile device with e-mail access. The Clickable TV solution works through over the air digital broadcast and other providers, including cable and satellite.

"We spent several months researching the technical feasibility and consumer appeal of Backchannelmedia's clickable television," said Robert S. Prather, Jr., president of Gray Television. "We’re excited by the prospects of using our digital spectrum to not only potentially launch a new revenue stream but also to engage our viewers in such a powerful way."

As viewers interact and with clickable moments, Gray Television and its advertisers will collect data on viewer interaction and store it. This new inventory will allow TV stations to sell advertising avails on a “per click” basis in addition to TV commercials. Clickable TV was designed with consumer privacy in mind, is free from behavioral targeting, and provides consumers with the control to manage their opt-in data. It’s also spam- and click-fraud free.