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Grass Valley introduces Infinity Digital Media Recorder

The Infinity Digital Media Recorder offers a selection of recording options that includes Compact Flash, the Iomega REV PRO removable hard disk-based drive and REV PRO media.

Thomson unveiled the new Grass Valley Infinity Digital Media Recorder, which works like a videotape machine but accepts IT-based removable media instead of videotape or other proprietary formats.

The result is a system that has familiar VTR controls but offers instant random access to any content. The recorder features built-in support for Compact Flash media; the Iomega REV PRO removable hard disk-based drive; and REV PRO media, the professional extension to the REV format. All files written to either REV PRO or Compact Flash media are wrapped in the open MXF format.

The Infinity Digital Media Recorder gives users a choice in content and how it is handled. It features selectable video formats between 1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 625i50, and 525i60. Video can be encoded as DV25 (compatible with DVCam and DVCPRO), or the JPEG 2000 intraframe compression scheme, and MPEG-2 for SD or HD in a future implementation.

A single REV PRO disk can hold the equivalent of about 45 minutes of high-quality HD or more than two hours of SD video.

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