GovTV Employs Broadcast Pix BPswitch for Local Gov Meetings

CHELMSFORD, Mass.—Broadcast Pix is helping traverse distances with a new deployment of its BPswitch MX integrated production switcher for the San Diego-based GovTV. The TV station is using the BPswitch for an IP-based, live remote video production at official meetings of the city of Lancaster, Calif., roughly 170 miles away from the GovTV company offices.

GovTV developed a new workflow last year that was designed around the BPswitch, launching the new system for Lancaster at the end of December.

“Now we can instantly cut to the person speaking, so there’s no need to go to a wide shot when we’re following a conversation,” said Bob Anderson, president and CEO of GovTV.

The system’s master control is housed in San Diego. Operators use a traditional Broadcast Pix control surface to switch the live meetings, as well as control and monitor client productions through a Broadcast pix Commander browser-based user interface. A dedicated VPN connects GovTV to Lancaster for system and robotic camera control and insertion into live programming. BPNet, BPswitch’s integrated cloud-based video workflow service, provides a virtual backup to the VPN.

Lancaster operates its own PEG channel, LTV, on Spectrum Cable and AT&T, and is streamed by Granicus. GovTV is able to cut into LTV remotely through LTV’s Leighton Nexus. The BPswitch mainframe is located in Lancaster and has dedicated inputs for five cameras connected via SDI, plus an electronic voting system, scan converter to display PC-based PowerPoint presentations and a dedicated video calling system for Skype. The system operates in 1080i with SD downconversion for cable feeds.

In addition, the BPswitch’s integrated NewBlueNTX multi-layer 3D motion graphics and BPfusion software help display agenda items and lower-thirds.