Google Picks Gray TV for 2021 News Innovation Challenge

Gray Television
(Image credit: Gray Television)

ATLANTA—Gray Television has been selected for Google’s GNI Innovation Challenge for 2021. Gray TV will receive $200,000 in funding for a multiplatform journalism project that will focus on the health disparities in the Mississippi Delta and Appalachia regions of the U.S.

Journalists from more than 25 Gray TV stations, the D.C. News Bureau and Gray’s National Investigative unit will work on “Bridging the Great Health Divide—Mississippi Delta and Appalachia” starting in early 2021.

“We’re proud to launch this initiative and give a voice to these underrepresented populations that have long lagged in basic health care,” said Hilton H. Howell Jr., Gray TV chairman and CEO. “We also aim to provide resources to help people make better informed decisions on health-related issues.”

Gray TV’s project is one of 30 that GNI is funding in 2021, including three projects from TV broadcasters.

The goal of the GNI Innovation Challenge is to help support quality local journalism in a digital age. For more information, visit the GNI Innovation Challenge webpage