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GlobeCast WorldTV selects Irdeto M-Crypt for Romanian-language PRO TV

Ir GlobeCast WorldTV, a direct-to-home (DTH) television satellite provider, is licensed to use Irdeto Access' content-protection solution, Irdeto M-Crypt, to secure the distribution of Romanian broadcaster PRO TV International programs.

GlobeCast WorldTV is offering Irdeto M-Crypt as one of two encryption options for DTH delivery directly to audiences in the United States of the network via the GlobeCast WorldTV platform on Telstar 5.

The Romanian-language network broadcasts 24 hours a day, offering live and pre-recorded programming including news, sports, movies, variety and family entertainment directly from Romania to the United States.

GlobeCast WorldTV's provision of Irdeto M-Crypt as an option for PRO TV reception extends the reach of the Romanian network to an already-established DTH subscriber base equipped with set-top boxes with embedded Irdeto Access technology.

GlobeCast WorldTV's platform on Telstar 5 is the third-largest DTH Service in North America. It is dedicated exclusively to delivering international and specialty programming. GlobeCast WorldTV broadcasts more than 70 television and radio channels from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Irdeto M-Crypt conditional-access system is engineered specifically for small- to medium-size pay-TV operators requiring digital encryption of content for cable, satellite or terrestrial transmission. It can be upgraded smoothly to Irdeto Access' large-scale CA system, Irdeto PIsys, without needing to change smart cards or STBs in the field. The Irdeto M-Crypt is as functional as large-scale CA solutions and operates on a Windows 2000 platform for simplified, PC-based control and maintenance.

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