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Globecast Deploys Aviwest System for IP Video Contribution

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, FRANCE—Video contribution system provider Aviwest is teaming up with content delivery services provider Globecast with the deployment of Aviwest’s DMNG StreamHub receiver, decoder and distribution platform at Globecast’s Paris location. With StreamHub’s digital, mobile ENG application, Aviwest and Globecast customers can share live HD video content with other broadcasters.

DMNG StreamHub

StreamHub supports a set of input IP protocols, allowing for the reception of up to 16 incoming streams from remote Aviwest DMNG Pro transmitters, DMNG smartphone apps, or third-party systems. Multiple output streaming protocols are also supported by the StreamHub platform. Up to 16 IP outputs can be used to enable re-streaming of video content over LAN or WAN to CDNs, media servers, streaming platforms, IRDs, or other DMNG StreamHub platforms.

The DMNG StreamHub platform is based on a Linux server.