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Global Streaming Accounts to Surpass 1B in 2020, Says GlobalData

(Image credit: damircudic/Getty Images)

LONDON—By the end of 2020, there will be more streaming accounts, 1.1 billion, throughout the world than there are traditional pay-TV accounts, according to data and analytics company Globaldata.

The rise of cord-cutting has been well reported, but according to GlobalData’s latest study, “Thematic Research: Internet TV,” it is not simply cost savings that are driving the move toward streaming, but also the flexibility and the range of content available through the different services.

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This is supported by the move of large media firms establishing their own streaming services, like Disney+, Peacock, HBO Max and Apple TV+. 

Netflix still leads the pack, according to GlobalData, but the other services are attempting to compete not only by adding to their content library, but by also improving upon their user interface.

The full report (opens in new tab) is available on GlobalData’s website.