Global plasma TV shipments rise 95 percent, says DisplaySearch

Plasma TV shipments rose 30 percent quarter over quarter (Q/Q) in Q2 of 2006 and 95 percent year over year (Y/Y) to 2.2 million units, according to a new report from DisplaySearch.

The “Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report” also showed a 5 percent share of worldwide TV shipments for the quarter, up from 4 percent in Q1 of 2006.

In all regions, except China, plasma TV shipments were 3 percent higher than expected, enjoying at least 20 percent Q/Q and 90 percent Y/Y growth.

North America overtook Europe for the first time on a unit basis on stronger demand at larger sizes resulting in a 34 percent to 32 percent share advantage. North America dominated the 50in plasma TV market, accounting for 63 percent of all 50in plasma TVs sold worldwide in Q2 of 2006. North America's preference for larger TVs should help ensure its leading position in the plasma TV market as LCDs look to erode the plasma share in smaller sizes, according to DisplaySearch.

Fifty-inch plasma TVs also overtook 50in to 54in microdisplay RPTVs for the first time in North America, and worldwide, in Q2 of 2006. This was fueled by lower prices and a declining price gap, with the HD price difference falling by more than 50 percent during the past year to less than $1,400.

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