Germany: Deutsche Telekom to demo Hockey in 3D IPTV

On Friday, May 7, Deutsche Telekom plans to offer Germany's first public TV demo of 3DTV with a live "telecast" of an ice hockey match over its IPTV network.

The telco will provide live coverage of the opening game of the ice hockey World Cup this weekend. (Yes, there is a World Cup for hockey, too.)

The telco said its 3D game plan is to show all interested parties (including TV audiences and potential advertisers) the technical capabilities of its network — especially underscoring the fact that 3D works as well in the real world (i.e., live sports) as in highly controlled, pre-produced demos, according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

That real-world dig was likely aimed at two of Deutsche Telekom's competitors, Sat 1 and Sky Deutschland — both of which recently demonstrated 3DTV to invited-only audiences in controlled environments.

Still, it's not as though huge audiences might be drawn to this first-of-its-kind live 3DTV sports event. Like the rest of the world, in Germany, virtually no one has a 3DTV-capable TV set quite yet.