Genesis Networks Establishes Independent POP at UN

Transmission services provider Genesis Networks has established an independent point of presence (POP) in the United Nations' Studio H broadcasting facility, located in the core of the U.N.'s New York City headquarters. The Genesis installation provides news bureaus covering U.N. events with a reliable and cost-effective means of delivering news feeds to their global affiliates, said Genesis.

Genesis Networks connects seamlessly with the U.N.'s Studio H broadcasting facility enabling the transmission of television and radio signals entering and leaving the U.N. building, as well as the broadcast of its own productions. News organizations of every size from around the globe maintain bureaus within the U.N. building. Organizations such as the BBC, Reuters, and CNN have all established bureaus to enable them to work directly with Studio H U.N. media facilities. Now, however, with the Genesis POP, other large and small news bureaus can use Genesis to transmit their news feeds via direct fibre. Since the Genesis Networks POP is capable of transmitting and receiving multiple video channels, in addition to servicing each bureau's data requirements, any news bureau can contract with Genesis to transport a signal in or out of the U.N., either via the POP or through a direct connection to Genesis' global fiber network.

"To satisfy viewers' appetites for up-to-the-minute information transmitted directly from the source, news organizations are demanding greater flexibility and expanded resources for delivering their on-site broadcasts," said Elio Parente, vice president, operations, Genesis Networks. "This is especially true of regional broadcasters, who are looking to expand their reach to broader audiences spanning geographical boundaries. By establishing a point of presence inside the U.N., we can help these broadcasters meet their objectives — and therefore position ourselves to be a critical link in the global communications strategy for delivery of U.N. news coverage."