Gekko Technology offers lightweight battery for camera lights

At IBC2006 (stand 11-261), Gekko Technology will introduce a lightweight, high-output battery solution for its popular lenslite and kisslites fixtures.

The 3DV battery belt provides 24VDC power output using three standard batteries. The belt can be used in conjunction with Gekko Technology's lenslite and kisslite providing the advantages of longer running time from a lightweight, convenient power solution.

Gekko said the battery system was based on a widely used battery and charging system that's already on the market. It is available this month.

Gekko's lights are widely used on high-end features, dramas, commercials and documentaries. The lenslite 6000K white light source is a tool for operators of HDV and the smaller generation of film and video cameras, providing a lightweight and balanced, controllable beauty light source or fill, combined with an integral filter tray housing. The on-board dimmer puts the operator in control, as ambient lighting conditions change.

The kisslite 3200K white LED ringlight is used as solid-state illumination in commercial, drama, documentary and news shooting, replicating the warm feel typically associated with incandescent and halogen lamps.

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