GatesAir Tapped to Support National DTV Rollout in Chile

CINCINNATI—Chilean broadcasters are preparing for the national digital TV transition and rollout, including Mega, which has recently announced it is going with GatesAir to support its efforts. Scheduled for deployment over the next several years, GatesAir will provide more than 50 Maxiva transmitters—both the ULXT liquid-cooled and UAXTE air-cooled transmitters—in at least 23 cities.


This ISDB-T-based project includes integrated remux functionality to support mechanical services; increased energy efficiency to reduce utility costs and power consumption; and modulation error to reduce noise within and increase performance of the DTV signal network-wide. The transmitters provided for the project will range from 300 W to 5 kW.

In addition, GatesAir says it will offer support initiatives including training through its Quincy, Ill., manufacturing center and the accessibility of spare parts.

Chile will officially switch off its analog TV service in 2020.