GatesAir Announces New Patents

Richard Redmond and Ted Staros

CINCINNATI – GatesAir has announced that is has been awarded seven new patents for signal quality and over-the-air broadcast architecture. The seven inventions include:

  • Method for reducing digital filter coefficient word size and apparatus therefor (Ted Staros, John Levieux)
  • Predictable coding delay over communication networks (Junius Kim)
  • Operation of an antenna on a second, higher frequency (Geoff Mendenhall)
  • Systems and methods for presentation of digital media at a mobile platform (Jay Adrick)
  • Linearization of heterogeneous power amplifier systems (Dmitri Borodulin, Keven Berndsen)
  • Broadband high efficiency amplifier system incorporating dynamic modulation of load impedance (Dmitri Borodulin, George Cabrera)
  • Push-pull amplification systems and methods (Dmitri Borodulin, George Cabrera)

“These innovations are focused on improving system methods and enabling greater efficiencies that affect everything from signal management and amplification, to the delivery of dynamic media content to consumers on the move,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir.

These seven patents join the 238 other U.S. and Global patents GatesAir has received. The company also has seven other patents pending clearance.