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Fujinon Upgrades Stabilization for HD ENG Telephoto

Fujinon has introduced its latest external optical stabilization system, the TS-P58A. The company provides an anti-vibration range of up to 20 percent of picture height using its OS-TECH image stabilization technology for stable shots. Demonstrated last week at NAB, the stabilization upgrade also keeps "after-shaking" to a minimum when shooting with telephoto lenses. It works with the full range of Fujinon HD and SD ENG magnification lenses.

The OS-TECH technology is designed to eliminate unwanted vibration and image-shifting caused by even the subtlest motion, such as an operator's heartbeat or even slight support-platform movement. It employs an optical shift system with a vibration detection sensor that compensates for shifting light rays that occur when an image vibrates. Its image stabilization ability is geared to improving the quality of extreme close-ups taken during windy or otherwise unstable conditions.

The TS-P58A fits "sandwich-style" between camera and lens. The anti-vibration function can be activated from the control-setting switch near the operator's hand, and can provide image compensation both vertically and horizontally.