Fujinon HD Lens on Track for 'Great Scenic Railway'

The crew for the new season of "Great Scenic Railway Journeys," which begins airing on PBS in June, traveled to more than a dozen U.S. states (from New Hampshire to Alaska) and Canada, with part of the shoot being handled by the Fujinon HA16X6.3ERM HD lens.

Designed primarily for ENG, the lightweight design of the lens provided greater shooting diversity, as on a moving train, according to the crew, because it helped eliminate much of the vibration coming back into the shot, especially considering the increased sensitivity that comes with HD shoots. The latest series of programs will include pacing shots captured from the back of one train shooting at another--something that wasn't possible with a heavier lens, according to Fujinon.

The HA16X6.3ERM was unveiled nearly a year ago at NAB2006, shortly before initial shooting got underway for the latest installments in the Emmy-winning PBS series.

The lens combines a wide angle of 6.3 mm and magnification of 16x zoom ratio, with a telephoto focal length of 202 mm with the 2x extender.