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Fujinon Delivers First New Telephoto Lens to Canada

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA: MidCanada Production Services purchased the first Fujinon XA50x9.5BESM HD Telephoto Lens delivered in Canada, the vender said.

“We thought it was a great idea for Fujifilm to offer a multi-purpose studio/ENG box lens with a built-in camera mount,” MidCan director of operations, Chris McIvor, said. “As a rental house, that was really important to us because we have a wide variety of cameras, more than thirty in stock. Since we don’t need separate mounts, the lens will work with any of our cameras. Mounting the lens is simpler, and the cameras are lighter and easier to use.”

McIvor noted that the other big deciding factor in MidCan’s choice was the fast lens speed: “The 1.7 aperture gives us the opportunity to shoot in very low light conditions.”