Fujinon Captures Footage for Stefani Concert DVD

Fujinon HD lenses captured a recent concert by pop star Gwen Stefani in Stockton, Calif., for a DVD release of the artist’s live performances during her “Sweet Escape Tour.” The Los Angeles-based Oil Factory produced the show and hired Burbank-based Big Vision Studios to supply the equipment used to shoot the Stockton concert. Fujinon lenses were also used to shoot a concert performance by Stefani in San Diego.

A Fujinon E Series HAe10X10 Super Cine-Style lens mounted on a Sony F23 camera was deployed for the shoot. The F23 was positioned on a 50-foot Technocrane unit that extended over the crowd and above the stage. The camera was operated by remote control, and images from that camera position were recorded directly into a Sony SRW1 deck.

Fujinon’s HA13X4.5BERM Super Wide Angle ENG/EFP HD lens with 2X range extender and the HA42X9.7BERD HD ENG-Style lens were also used during the concert. In addition to the Sony F23, nine Sony F900 cameras recorded the performance from various positions within the Stockton Arena.

“We got great close ups of Gwen from about 400 feet or more away,” said director of production Steve Chivers, who worked with Oil Factory during the concert, “Having such a long lens within a video configuration is pretty unique, and this lens delivered a beautiful shot.”