Front Porch Digital helps RODEOHOUSTON manage its assets

RODEOHOUSTON, the audiovisual and broadcast division of the world famous Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has deployed Front Porch Digital’s DIVAworks content management solution, enhanced with DIVAdirector, to support the organization’s transition to an all-digital, tapeless workflow that will help preserve and simplify access to its vast stored content.

Since 1980, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, one of the world's largest livestock shows and richest regular-season PRCA rodeos, has produced its own TV programming both for broadcast and for the historical record, amassing tens of thousands of hours of content stored on videotape in multiple formats.

As part of an HD upgrade two years ago, the rodeo has migrated to an all-digital workflow. It now deploys 20 Sony cameras capturing HD content that is ingested to a Thomson Grass Valley K2 media server and then managed and transferred, as appropriate, to LTO-4 tape by the DIVAworks application.

DIVAdirector allows editors and producers working in three editing suites easy access to stored content. Clips can be searched by customized metadata, including sponsor, event and competitor, or browsed frame by frame using the application's built-in Windows Media Player. DIVAworks manages the retrieval of content from archive to server as needed.

With the digital workflow in place, RODEOHOUSTON is now in the process of digitizing its enormous video archive. Older videotapes are currently located in a warehouse, so editors wishing to use clips from them must drive across the vast expanse of the Reliant Park complex, pull them off a shelf and run them through a VTR. Once those clips have been incorporated into the DIVAworks system, access will be only a click away.

Broadcast Digital Systems, based in Houston, coordinated the new installation and sale.

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