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Frequency coordination committee forms for political conventions

PolComm 2012, a frequency coordination committee, has been formed to coordinate spectrum usage at the Democratic and Republican national conventions this summer.

The chairman of the committee is Louis Libin. Libin has been the chairman of National Political Convention Frequency Coordination Committees for the last seven conventions.

The committee has requested the FCC to designate it as the official frequency coordinator as is allowed per FCC rule 74.24 (g) (2). The committee also will request a temporary rules waiver to allow TV channels 14, 16 and 17 to be used as communication channels in Tampa, FL, and TV channels 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 in Charlotte, NC. Coordination requests for 12.5kHz channels within these TV channels will be accepted.

The Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL, mandatory coordination requirement will be Aug. 13–30, within 25km of 27-56-36 N 82-27-11 W NAD83.

The Charlotte, NC, Democratic National Convention mandatory coordination requirement will be Aug. 30–Sept. 4, 2012, coordinates 35-13-30 N 80-50-21 W NAD83.

Coordination request forms can be requested via email. The completed forms can submitted to the same email address.