Freeview Australia launches MHEG-powered EPG

Freeview Australia has commenced broadcasting its platformwide EPG powered by MHEG IMPALA, the International MHEG Promotion Alliance said last month.

The EPG provides a consistent experience across the Freeview platform, which brings together all the channels from the country’s free-to-air broadcasters. The new Freeview Australia EPG removes the constraints created by lack of crosscarriage of existing EPG data between networks and manufacturer-specific program guides, allowing a significant increase in usability and functionality for viewers.

The new service collates program data from all networks for simultaneous transmission in a consistent format by all broadcasters. The MHEG application allows viewers to continue watching TV while using the EPG. Since July, all STBs, PVRs and integrated digital TVs that conform to Freeview Australia’s specification have featured the new Freeview EPG logo.

In addition to the platform EPG, the Freeview Australia MHEG country profile also supports HD as well as the hybrid MHEG Interaction Channel. The IP-based MHEG Interaction Channel enables hybrid broadcast broadband receiver operation via an IP connection.

Freeview Australia is owned by ABC, SBS, Nine, Seven, Ten, Prime, Southern Cross and Win.