Four IPTV players demonstrate MPEG-4 HDTV over an ADSL2+ network

Working together this month, four major players in the IPTV arena made the world's first demonstration of live MPEG-4 compressed HDTV on an operational ADSL2+ network.

Alcatel, Broadcom, France Telecom and TANDBERG Television collaborated on the HDTV-over-ADSL2+ technology demonstration, which took place at the French Open Tennis Tournament at Roland Garros Stadium in France.

The next day, the companies presented the demonstration at the European Research and Innovation Exhibition.

Broadcom supplied France Telecom with its latest generation IPTV set-top box reference design platform, which performed the HD MPEG-4/advanced video compression (AVC) decoding and audio/video delivery. This reference design builds on Broadcom's set-top technologies, enabling IPTV set-top box manufacturers to ramp into production and support video over DSL deployments.

France Telecom orchestrated the demonstration, which relied upon the Broadcom BCM97398 IP set-top box reference design. The BCM97398 features the BCM7411 MPEG-4 HD AVC video decoder/audio processor chip and BCM7038 dual channel HD and personal video recorder chip.

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