FOR-A introduces real-time video stabilizer

FOR-A has introduced the IVS-100, a compact, DC-powered video stabilizer designed for use in mobile applications.

With +12V DC operation, the IVS-100 can be powered within cars, planes, boats and other moving platforms. It can also be used with a wide range of surveillance systems — from highway and railroad monitoring to weather cameras.

The IVS-100 joins FOR-A's family of video stabilization products, including the IVS-300, IVS-500 and IVS-700HS. They all electronically correct video shaking that occurs in camera applications, as well as unsteadiness on pre-recorded VCR tapes.

The functions and performance of the IVS-100 are the same as those of its predecessor, the IVS-300A, FOR-A said. The new model, which operates at sub-pixel level correction precision, can correct up to 40 percent in vertical or horizontal directions in relation to the screen.

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