Flowics Expands Catalog of Data Connectors To Drive On-Screen Graphics Generation

(Image credit: Flowics)

NEW YORK—Flowics has launched several new additions to its Data Connectors catalog, broadening the assortment of native integrations of live external data that can directly populate broadcast graphics created with its cloud-based engine.

Data Connectors integrate data from external third-party data providers into Flowics Graphics, making it possible to integrate live external data, such as sports statistics, betting data, weather information, financial data and cryptocurrency performance, into broadcast graphics without requiring the time and expense of developing a custom solution or entering data manually, the company said.

Rather, data flows seamlessly from third parties into Flowics Graphics and to designated cloud-based graphics files as directed, which enables users with little graphics knowledge to create live graphics displaying information audiences value, it said.

Among the connectors currently available are BetMGM, Sportradar, Stats Perform and The Weather Channel. The latest additions to the company’s Data Connector catalog include:

The architecture of Data Connectors enables integration of on-site data sources through the Flowics Middleware. This flexibility helps users who deal with data sources available only in a local area network instead of on the internet, the company said.

Data Connectors are add-ons to a Flowics Graphics subscription. Flowics subscribers that want to incorporate third-party data can choose as many connectors as they need, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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