Florical, Trilithic Team Up on Automated EAS

Florical is partnering with Trilithic to enhance Florical’s Acuitas solution with automated EAS.

Florical’s Acuitas station in a box automation platform is now available with an automated interface to Trilithic's EASyCAST, an FCC certified Emergency Alert System (EAS) solution for broadcast television stations.

"With this new EAS feature in Acuitas, operators do not have to interact with the automation system at all and the hardware footprint for dealing with the graphics and audio components of an EAS warning is now drastically reduced. Acuitas and EASyCAST on the network is all that is needed," said Dr. Eric Piard, VP Research & Development at Florical.

Acuitas automatically detects when station operators trigger required weekly and monthly tests on the EASyCAST; Acuitas then inserts auxiliary events in its AirBoss playlist. Those events in turn cause Acuitas to add on the relevant channel's output a crawl and/or an audio signal with data from the alert's associated text and/or audio files, respectively. Further, these events will appear in the AirBoss' As-Run-Log, providing evidence that the tests were performed.

Trilithic is an Indianapolis-based supplier of EAS equipment and EAS systems and solutions for cable television, satellite, broadcast, and IPTV. Florical Systems is a broadcast automation systems based in Gainesville, Fla.