Florical and Inscriber AutoTag Promos at NBC

Florical Systems and Inscriber recently combined efforts to create AutoTag, a system designed to automatically insert localized "end slates" or "tags" on promotional spots for syndicated programs to be aired using Florical's ShareCasting system at NBC. AutoTag uses the Florical AirBoss and MediaFiler systems with the Inscriber Namedropper XL.

The AutoTag system reduces labor costs compared to the manual editing process and insures that only the correct tags are aired. The system creates cost savings with a centralized business model by providing a high level of localization with lower labor costs. An operator times and encodes a promotion once at the hub using the MediaFiler and the Namedropper XL. Once the promotion is ingested into the system, it can be played to air with local tags as specified in the AirBoss schedule. The Namedropper XL under AirBoss control inserts the specified tag at airtime so that the same promotion can be used with different audio tags and end slates, which are produced and stored at the local site.

The AirBoss system at the ShareCasting hub sends commands identifying the correct tag to the local Namedropper XLs across the Wide Area Network using DCOM technology. The Namedropper XLs located at the regional stations verify the information received in the AirBoss commands against information encoded into the vertical blanking of the base promotional spot. This method insures that the proper tag is aired.