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Five Scripps Networks go live with Pilat Media’s IBMS

Scripps Networks has gone live with Pilat Media’s IBMS broadcast management system for five major brands: HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Fine Living Network and Great American Country.

The implementation of IBMS is part of Scripps Networks' five-year plan to transition to a file-based operation and replaces the previous in-house developed management system. The IBMS installation provides robust standardized scheduling and management functions for the five Scripps Networks brands while allowing for differences in their operating procedures. IBMS was adapted to meet Scripps Networks' requirements in several key areas including reporting, validation and user interface.

"By moving from an in-house-developed system to IBMS, we can focus on our core strengths and enjoy the benefits of a unified system with streamlined workflow in areas like reporting, which is now much more efficient than before," said Chuck Hurst, vice president of systems development for Scripps Networks Interactive. "IBMS integrates the databases within our file-based structure, automates the sharing and updating of information on metadata and inventory management, and eliminates data-entry duplication. A centralized management system that helps us implement best practices across our domestic and global operations is an important asset in today's marketplace."

The five brands include both HD and SD channels, and the IBMS implementation included customization for procedures to ensure that assets are available in the correct format for the appropriate output.

IBMS streamlines the entire content management workflow from content acquisition and rights management to scheduling, media management, log preparation and analysis. Because the system leverages a single integrated database, it provides better visibility on inventory use and enables the user to generate "what if" programming and cost scenarios.