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First Twin Disc Hits U.S. in June With HDi

Just what the next-gen DVD war needs is another format, but Bandai Visual will bring the HD DVD/DVD Twin disc to the United States by the end of June when it releases "OVA Freedom." It also will be one of the first titles to encapsulate HDi (HD interactive) network capabilities, according to EngadgetHD.

Rather than typical combo discs that include the HD DVD format on one side and standard DVD on the other, the Twin can hold three layers of either HD DVD or DVD content on one side--and therefore permits viewing all disc content without having to pause and flip it over.

Bandai has teamed up with Microsoft and Memory-Tech to fine-tune the VC-1 codec for Japanese anime, and it plans to begin releasing other HD DVD (and Blu-ray) titles in Japan first, then globally, later in the year.