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Firestone Communications Selects Zandar MultiViewers

Firestone Communications has installed two new Zandar Technologies MultiViewers in its new live production control room.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based media and communications company will operate the new live production control room alongside its fully digital Network Operation Center, which offers automated traffic systems, C-Band digital uplink, multiple downlink antennas, fiber POP access on the Westar network, live program switching and digital video servers.

In the main control room, composite and SDI video signals are fed into the two Zandar 1 RU DX8 MultiViewers and images are displayed across two 42-inch plasma screens with a duplicate 42-inch plasma display situated in the audio suite. Zandar's DX Series of MultiViewers feature input auto-detection and with composite, component, SDI and line doubled VGA outputs.

"Various saved configuration settings show different views on our plasmas using Zandar's optional Z-Editor software," said Will Raymond, systems engineer at Firestone Communications. "In addition, all of the inputs are easily configurable depending on our needs as they are on the patchbay, and half of them are fed through a router. Also, we love that the Zandar DX MultiViewer is intuitive as it automatically recognizes any feeds (NTSC, PAL or SDI) without having to feed them through a converter."