Filmmaker Cash has ‘enlightening’ experience shooting short film

Bend, OR-based director Tim Cash relied on the JVC HD100 Series camera to deliver a high-quality look without the expense of using film in shooting “Skipping Stones,” a 30-minute short film about a young hiker in Nepal.

Cash shot, wrote, edited and directed “Skipping Stones,” which tells the story of the young trekker who becomes enlightened with the help of a monk in a cave. His FARfromEarth Films production company produced the film, which debuted in front of a sold-out audience at the Bend Film Festival.

According to Cash, the ergonomics of the JVC HD100 made it much easier to use than other smaller cameras. Additionally, shooting in manual mode is easy with the cameras because, in Cash’s words, “everything you need is right on the lens.”

Cash has also used his JVC camera to shoot music videos, including reggae artist Jah Sun. He finished 2007 producing a pilot for a TV show about earth-friendly tips called “Green Team TV,” which was picked up by

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