Film4 chooses Pixel Power Clarity for re-branding

UK movie channel Film4 is using the Pixel Power Clarity graphics generator to drive its re-branding as it switches business models from subscription-based to free-to-air.

Channel 4 Television continues to use Pixel Power to implement intelligent titling and automated graphics-recall to double the speed at which it creates promos and trailers.

Clarity uses Pixel Power’s new customized data transfer interface software to animate titles and appointments-to-view based on how long the text is and what graphics must fit around it. Film titles tend to be longer than those for TV programs, and therefore occupy more lines on screen when a promo is created.

To ensure Film4’s titles are animated in the correct sequence, Pixel Power’s interface picks up content information from an Excel spreadsheet and adapts it automatically for presentation on screen. In adapting the software for Film4, Clarity’s interface now allows movie titles with one, two or three lines of text to appear on screen.

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