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FCC workshop to focus on technology transitions

The FCC will hold a workshop March 18 to examine technology transitions.

The meeting, the first for the Technology Transitions Policy Task Force, is scheduled to examine the transition from narrowband to broadband, time division multiplexing to Internet Protocol, copper to fiber, and wireline to wireless service, and how these transitions affect the commission as it modernizes policy.

Three panels are scheduled for the workshop, including:

  • Technological capabilities, which will look at the capabilities of wireless and copper, fiber and coax technologies today and in the future;
  • Usage and adoption, which will examine adoption and use of different technologies among the nation’s various demographic groups; and
  • Network evolution, which will focus on the timeline for various wireless and wireline network technology transitions.

The daylong workshop, which is open to the public, will be held in the commission meeting room at FCC Headquarters in Washington, D.C.