FCC Switches Banks

If you or your attorney need to send a payment to the FCC, it should now go to St. Louis for most items.

For years the FCC has used Mellon Bank in Philadelphia as the repository for payments; however beginning Feb. 14, it switched its “lockbox service” to U.S. Bank in St. Louis.

A lockbox bank serves as the filing and processing agent for a corporation or government entity. Fees, payments and applications, along with associated identifying information, are sent directly to the lockbox.

U.S. Bank replaces Mellon Bank as the lockbox bank for all FCC programs except auctions-related payments. Payments for the 700 MHz auction will continue to be received by Mellon Bank. It stopped accepting all other payments on Feb. 12.

The address of U.S. Bank is:
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101.

(Radio World)