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FCC seeks comments on efforts to find outmoded rules

The FCC said Dec. 8 that it is seeking comments on its plan to find outmoded or counterproductive rules.

In early November, the agency released its Preliminary Plan for Retrospective Analysis of Existing Rules. The FCC is looking for comments on the plan generally, as well as specific recommendations.

Specific questions include:
What additional steps should it take to identify rules that should be changed, streamlined, consolidated or removed?
How can it further reduce burdens on industry and consumers while fostering competition, diversity and innovation?
Are there commission rules or reporting requirements that are duplicative or that have conflicting requirements among its bureaus and offices or with other agencies?
Are there commission rules or reporting requirements that could be modified to better accomplish their regulatory objectives?

Comments are due Feb. 8, 2012; and reply comments are due Feb. 22, 2012.