FCC releases spectrum management working papers

The FCC Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis (OSP) released three working papers Feb. 29 on spectrum management issues.

Working Paper No. 41, “Enhancing Spectrum’s Value Via Market-informed Congestion Etiquettes” and Working Paper No. 42, “Modeling the Efficiency of Spectrum Designated to License Use and Unlicensed Operations,” examine ways to use spectrum designated for licensed and unlicensed use can be used more efficiently.

Working Paper No. 43, “A Market-based Approach to Establishing Licensing Rules: Licensed Versus Unlicensed Use of Spectrum,” examines the feasibility of employing a market mechanism to determine whether spectrum should be designated to either licensed or unlicensed use.

For more information, visit: www.fcc.gov/osp/workingp.html.