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FCC releases Spectrum Dashboard beta

The FCC has released a beta version of an online Spectrum Dashboard intended to make it easy to see how spectrum is allocated and used and identify who is licensed to use spectrum in specific geographic areas.

The beta version covers frequencies between 225MHz and 3.7GHz. It offers enhanced search, mapping and data download capabilities for licenses for a variety of services including: 700MHz band; Advanced Wireless Service (AWS); Personal Communications Service (PCS); Broadband Radio Service (BRS); Educational Broadband Service (EBS); cellular; 2.3GHz Wireless Communications Service (WCS); full-power TV broadcast; and Mobile Satellite Services (MSS).

The commission released its Spectrum Dashboard beta on the heels of presenting its National Broadband Plan to Congress. The tool is meant to be a resource to shed light on spectrum allocation that may be useful to those wishing to deploy wireless broadband services.

With Spectrum Dashboard, users can browse, review and analyze spectrum data as it relates to broadband deployment at the local and national levels by including four components that allow the public to browse spectrum bands, search for spectrum licenses, produce maps of spectrum licenses and export raw licensing data.