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FCC Releases Emergency Preparedness Guide for Local Media

The FCC has issued an emergency preparedness guide for stations. The pamphlet is a summary of two years worth of work by representatives from radio, TV, cable and satellite charged with developing ways to ensure stations remain on the air or get back on quickly in times of emergency.

FCC Chairman Michael Powell chartered the group after 9/11. The Media Security and Reliability Council is patterned after a similar advisory group for telephony.

The group has adopted nineteen final best practice recommendations intended to strengthen emergency communications and promote the physical security and redundancy of broadcast radio, TV, cable and satellite facilities.

The pamphlet was released during the group's final meeting under its current charter, however the group will be re-chartered as of March 24 (see below).

To see the pamphlet "Readiness Guide for Local Media on How to Prepare for Emergencies" go to: