FCC Releases C-Band Earth Station List

(Image credit: Getty Images)

WASHINGTON—The FCC has released its preliminary list of cable and broadcast earth stations in the C-band that are eligible for lump sum payments for their spectrum transition. The list only deals with stations operating in the 3700-4200 MHz band and are located in the contiguous United States.

Here is the preliminary list (opens in new tab).

The C-band transition is opening up 280 MHz on the lower portion of the C-band for the development of 5G capabilities. Earth stations are being repacked into the upper 200 MHz of the band.

The facilities cited on the list will have the option between receiving a lump sum payment or receiving the actual costs of their transition. Stakeholders will now have until July 16 to determine if they want to comment on the list.

There are some pending applications included in the list that were filed before the commission’s April 2018 C-band auction related freeze, according to the FCC.

The C-band auction is slated to take place in December.