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,WASHINGTON: While most of the FCC Media Bureau’s forms must be filed electronically, some items still need to be filed on paper. Now, the agency has expanded the e-filing capability to several types of pleadings.

Those include: Informal Objections, Petitions to Deny, Petitions for Reconsideration, Applications for Review, Replies, Oppositions and Supplements.

E-filing will make pleadings quickly available to licensees, interested parties and the general public, according to the FCC.

The Media Bureau also permits applicants and licensees to submit certain non-form filings electronically. These include Change of Address, Consummation Notice, Silent Notification, Special Temporary Authority, Digital Notification, Notification of Suspension, Silent STA and DTV Transition Notification.

Electronically filed pleadings will generally be available in CDBS Public Access the first business day after filing. To access Pleadings use the Application Search screen in CDBS. Click on “additional non-form filings” at the bottom of the list of available electronic forms. ~ Radio World