FCC Boosts Auction Bid Increment to 10%

WASHINGTON—Incentive auction organizers will boost the amount bid prices will increase between rounds starting Wednesday, Feb. 1. The Federal Communications Commission auction team said opening bid prices will be increased incrementally by 10 percent between rounds versus the 5 percent increase in effect up to now.

“This 10 percent increment will be reflected in the next round clock prices announced after the last round of bidding on Tuesday,” the commission team said on the spectrum auction dashboard.

The last 10 rounds of this, the fourth and final stage of the forward auction where wireless providers bid on TV spectrum, have raised on average a little under $21 million per round. Round No. 17 was still underway as of Monday afternoon.

Proceeds by Round:
Round 1: $17.7 billion

R2 Raised $508,164,087
R2 Total: $18,208,164,087

R3 Raised: $91,318,500
R3 Total: $18,299,482,587

R4 Raised: $55,399,540
R4 Total: $18,354,882,127

R5 Raised: $58,949,560
R5 Total: $18,413,831,687

R6 Raised: $26,192,300
R6 Total: $18,440,023,987

R7 Raised: $21,500,000
R7 Total: $18,461,523,987

R8 Raised: $22,114,400
R8 Total: $18,483,638,387

R9 Raised: $21,415,000
R9 Total: $18,505,053,387

R10 Raised: $17,459,400
R10 Total: $18,522,512,787

R11 Raised: $23,013,000
R11 Total: $18,545,525,787

R12 Raised: $19,763,600
R12 Total: $18,565,289,387

R13 Raised: $18,588,000
R13 Total: $18,583,877,387

R14 Raised: $23,408,000
R14 Total: $18,607,285,387

R15 Raised: $20,336,000
R15 Total: $18,627,621,387

R16 Raised: $21,688,000
R16 Total: $18,649,309,387