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FCC Announces New Features on Broadcast Public Inspection File System

WASHINGTON: The Federal Communications Commission added new features to it broadcast public file system:
Authorizations – Stations can create folders to upload files that relate to their
authorizations, such as reports required by conditions placed on their licenses by the commission.
Equal Employment Opportunity – New, pre-generated folders are now available for stations to upload required annual reports and information bearing on any ongoing inquiry, audit, investigation or complaint that concerns EEO and of which the licensee is aware.
Applications – New, pre-generated folders are now available for each type of application stations might file (renewal, assignment, etc.), so licensees can separately upload any additional material that relates to each type of application, including notices of petitions to deny and other supplemental information.
Ownership – A new, pre-generated “Contracts and Agreements” folder is now available so stations can upload the required lists of contracts and agreements if their most recent ownership report no longer reflects all such arrangements. Licensees can, in their discretion, upload the actual documents in lieu of the lists. Licensees may also upload any additional documents relating to their ownership or ownership reporting obligations.
Children’s Television Programming Reports – Stations can upload any additional
documentation related to children’s television programming that is not otherwise
contained in the quarterly reports.
Political File Terms and Disclosures – A new, pre-generated “Terms and Disclosures” folder is now available. If the documents placed by stations in the political files folders contain terms, abbreviations, or other language that require explanation for a full understanding of the documents, licensees should upload such explanations, including any keys or legends, to this folder. If documents uploaded to the other political files already contain such explanations, keys or legends, nothing need be uploaded here.

As previously announced, work will continue, including development of a public search feature, RSS feeds for easy identification of new documents filed, and permitting broadcaster access to the interface through Dropbox along with other offerings.

Members of the public and broadcasters will find Frequently Asked Questions on the interface if they have questions. For further information, the Licensing Support Hotline is 877-480-3201, option 2, 717-338-2888, or 717-338-2824 (TTY). The Hotline is available to assist with questions Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. Requests and error reports can be made at

The links to the public inspection file are for the general public and for access by TV broadcasters.