Fatal Navy Helo Crash Temporarily Takes out KEDT

A Navy helicopter apparently clipped a broadcast television tower in Texas last week and crashed, killing three crew members and seriously injuring a fourth, according to local reports. The helo is believed to have struck the top section of a 1,000-foot transmission tower used by KEDT, the PBS affiliate station serving the Corpus Christi market.

KEDT President Don Dunlap told KIII, the local ABC affiliate, that the chopper “appeared to have hit it about 950 feet up, and it damaged the top 50 feet of our antenna.” Parts of the antenna and the towers lights were strewn on the ground at the crash sight, he said. KIII reported that visibility was poor at the time of the accident due to fog.

The crash occurred Wednesday evening. The Corpus Christi Caller Times KEDT went off the air at about 8:15 p.m. Transmission had resumed by the next morning. An investigation in to the cause continues.