Faster file transfer technology finding home among broadcasters

Michelle Munson, founder and president of Aspera, says broadcasters are embracing technologies that make transferring their HD files faster

Software developer Aspera has introduced two new products aimed at helping media companies manage and exchange large files, like those used for HDTV.

The products include Aspera Console 1.0, an enterprise-scale management platform used to monitor and automate Aspera high-speed file transfers, and the faspex server, which is designed to make it easy for people to collaborate and exchange data via a Web or e-mail-based interface.

Both products build on the company’s core file transfer technology, which makes use of all available bandwidth to sidestep problems normally associated with FTP transfer of large files. Doing so allows Aspera to deliver such files significantly faster. “HD Technology Update” spoke with Aspera founder and President Michelle Munson prior to the launches to get a feel for the reception broadcasters are giving the company’s transfer technology.

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