Fairlight Unveils Pyxis 4K Video Recorder

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA— Fairlight is releasing Pyxis 4K – a new 4K video recorder.

Pyxis 4K, powered by Fairlight’s Crystal Core processing engine and software, records compressed or uncompressed Video formats from SD up to 4K and delivers transparent playback in up to 4K, dual-channel 2K resolution. Feature-packed Pyxis 4K records up to 96 Audio channels simultaneously, and offers up to 96 playback channels at 48K/24bit. The system seamlessly integrates in existing workflows, supporting all common 4K video file formats (DPX, DCP, MXF, JPEG 2000, XAVC), graphic formats and codecs natively.

Multiple systems can be synchronized with Fairlights proprietary inter-machine sample lock system for playback in up to 8K resolution. Pyxis 4K is available as a standalone or rack-mountable turn-key unit, or as “Pyxis 4K.kit” with Crystal Core Media Processor to integrate into a Fairlight ratified PC, SX-20 I/O unit and appropriate software.