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Eyeheight to intro digital color corrector and keyer at NAB

Eyeheight’s canalettoMDi is a high-quality digital color corrector designed to work with images up to 1920 x 1080 lines in resolution.

Eyeheight is bringing three new signal processing products to this year's NAB2006 convention. The company’s canalettoMDi is a high-quality digital color corrector designed for 1920 x 1080 line television signal formats. Input and output are both to 1.5Gb/s HD-SDI (SMPTE-274) with SDI auto-sensing.

Each R, G and B channel has individually controllable gain, lift and gamma. Overall adjustment of luma, chroma gain and black level is also provided, together with overall hue correction. A legaliser with automatic luma overshoot suppression and undershoot control ensures that canalettoHDi's output conforms to EBU R103-2000 (or user-specific presets) at all color correction settings.

The keyEyesMDi is a high-definition downstream linear keyer with background, fill and key inputs that incorporates all the functionality required for generating HD matte overlays. Fill and key inputs with adjustable horizontal timing are also provided, as are matte generators, wipe, independent main and preview keyers and EDH re-insertion for the main output. A GPI interface card provides key on/off plus six user-definable control sequences. keyEyesMDi is housed in a 1U chassis designed for local, remote or automated control. Equipped for easy HD-SDI connectivity, it incorporates program and preview outputs.

Also new is the Eyeheight TB-12 multichannel source identifier. Operated via a panel of 2 x 12 user-legendable pushbuttons, the TB-12 can be used with an Eyeheight playout system or to control a third-party crosspoint matrix. Channel names can be edited, saved and uploaded to an Eyeheight MW-3E switcher module, enabling the system to recall and display the correct source identifications whenever the panel acquires a different channel.

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