Eyeheight introduces production, post-production tools

Eyeheight, the UK manufacturer of SDI equipment for program origination, quality assurance, post production and playout, has launched two new tools to address broadcast loudness issues.

KARMAudioAU is a new plug-in for the Apple Mac OS X platform that performs offline scaling of an entire program file to match audio loudness to a target LKFS level, the standard measuring system for TV loudness. Uniform scaling is applied to match the content with a predefined loudness target without affecting overall audio dynamic range or image position. KARMAudioAU then performs an 8x oversampling true-peak analysis and corrects for true-peak overshoots.

The second new tool is the LE-2-K legalizer, which uses KARMAudioRT to combine flexible video gamut correction with loudness and true-peak processing for transmission compliance.

The products together address the need for tighter control of audio levels during TV transmissions, particularly the relative levels of programs and interstitials. Both conform to the ITU-R BS.1770 recommendation and meet the requirements of ATSC A/85:2009 and BCAP Rule 4.7 (previously 6.9).