EVS Streams Live Webcast for People's Choice Awards

The 33rd annual People's Choice Awards selected EVS to provide the platform for the show's official Web site, which featured both streaming and video-on-demand content. The awards show aired Jan. 9 on CBS.

The platform included two XT[2] servers, an XFile gateway, and MediaXchange transcoding software. EVS said the XT[2]s were chosen for its ability to rapidly record, edit and then playout a wide range of feeds to showcase Web-only, behind-the-scenes footage featuring celebrity appearances, interviews, "red carpet" reports and more.

During the pre-show, the XT[2]'s were used to create highlight packages consisting of celebrity arrivals and surrounding festivities for playback to both the traditional broadcast and the live Web stream. Simultaneously, the content was shared with the second XT[2] server through the EVS XNet[2], where it was repurposed and cut into small pieces for VOD viewing. These short form pieces were transcoded by MediaXchange from their original high-res format to MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files for delivery to the Web and video-enabled phones.

This is the second year EVS worked with the People's Choice Awards, last year the group created a workflow solution that broadcast their first live/near-live "phonecast" direct to video-enabled cell phones.