EVS Captures and Controls Cannes Play-out

EVS has renewed its collaboration with the official broadcaster for the Cannes Film Festival. Along with Avid, EVS is providing technical facilities for the 12-day event held in France.

The broadcaster, TV Festival de Cannes, does live, exclusive, nonstop coverage of the star-studded film festival, which is marking its 60th year, according to EVS. The Liege, Belgium TV equipment maker said that it was brought on last year to provide a digital production system with clip management and play-out controls, integrated with Avid post. A similar contract was awarded this year, EVS said.

The setup comprises EVS XT2 servers and IP Director software installed in the TV Festival studio. The XT2 servers capture all the live content while the IP Director instantly produces clips from the recorded feeds.

XDC, the digital cinema division of the EVS group, is the "Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival for digital cinema," according to EVS. XDC is providing equipment and technical support for all of the digital screenings. XDC Digital Content Lab is also processing the digital films presented during the competition as well as the parallel sections.