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Eutelsat Offers 18 Mbps Ka-Band Internet Service

Last week, Eutelsat announced that it would offer higher user speeds, an increased volume allowance and a new entry level package for its “Tooway” satellite broadband service via the KA-SAT Ka-band satellite. Download speeds of up to 18 Mbps and upload speeds up to 6 Mbps are now available with monthly data caps of up to 50 GB. The Tooway Flat 18Max premium package costs 89.90 Euros/month. The entry level Tooway Flat2 service provides a maximum downlink speed of 2 Mbps with 1 Mbps maximum uplink and a data cap of 2 GB for 19.90 Euros per month. 

Other packages with speeds and data caps between these limits are described in the Eutelsat news release Eutelsat sets a new benchmark for satellite broadband via KA-SAT.

Eutelsat achieved the speed increase by changing from 8-PSK2 to 16-APSK modulation. The service requires a 77cm satellite dish that can be self-installed. 

“Today’s announcement shows our commitment to further enhancing the performance of the ToowayTM service which is fundamentally about connecting people--both those in areas unserved and underserved by ADSL,” said Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat CEO. 

“The update last month of the EU’s Digital Scorecard shows that as many as 10 million homes in the EU27 are still not broadband-equipped. This means there is yet work to be done to meet the objectives of the Digital Agenda in Europe and at a broader level across the full KA-SAT footprint. We believe that the enhanced ToowayTM service and the improved user equipment programme will forward the move to satellite broadband for those still struggling with mediocre Internet access, depriving them of the social and economic benefits of broadband.”